We are an Auckland based I.T. company whose goal is to improve our clients' ability to document, communicate and manage the digital information that is central to their business. We engage in open and straightforward conversations, because a collaborative and no-nonsense approach leads to the most appropriate and successful results for our clients.

We have particular experience within the building industry, and a strong understanding of the digital information requirements and challenges within it. We have a diverse skill-set that can help our clients to effectively record building information, communicate it to a target audience, and manage the data associated with these processes.

About Us

Triptech pools together a diverse set of skills, and a healthy dose of common sense, to solve complex problems in innovative ways.

We share a common interest in improving the processes and outcomes of the building industry through the appropriate application of digital technologies.

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Our Services

We provide digital documentation, technical communication and information management services to organisations in New Zealand and Australia.

Our primary audience is the building industry, but we have extensive experience in many commercial and government sectors.

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Contact Us

We enjoy talking to people about their digital documentation, technical communication and information management challenges.

If you would like to get in touch, please email us at info@triptech.net, or follow us on Twitter @triptechnz.

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